Top Left Corey Bankson

Top Right - Ahmani Standifer

Middle -  Play As The Tongue Swirls

Bottom Left

Bottom Right Jaymee Poitevien 

Our Students Performing

The Pine Hills Performing Arts Center offers an array of art classes from beginner to intermediate. All of the PHCPAC programs are design to improve reading and writing skills, build character, encourages leadership, discipline and obedience. Our programs inspire and build up self-esteem and character. We will help you perfect your craft, and provide plenty of opportunities for you to shine.

Our professional and experienced dance instructor teaches contemporary, modern, ballet and other dance styles. We work with children and youth from the ages of 6 – 16. Once a quarter the students perform in a production to showcase the styles and techniques they have learned.

Singers or those that have a desire to sing will receive professional training in voice, projection, breathing, stage presence and more. Singers will have the opportunity to join the PHCPAC Youth Assemble Choir that will be performing around the community.

Piano lessons help students with the basics of beginning to play the piano. Student will learn the keys, posture, fingers position and more.

Drum lessons are also available, for those young people that like to hold the beat. 

We call it theater with a purpose; students will learn how to act as they perform classics and original stage productions.  They will learn stage presence both on stage and behind stage.  They will learn how to stay in character, memorization, script reading, theater protocol and improvisation.